Using a sequential regime to eliminate bacteria at sub-lethal antibiotic dosages
Fuentes-Hernandez A, Plucain J, Gori F, Pena-Miller R, Reading C, Jansen G, Schulenburg H, Gudelj I and Beardmore R 
PLoS Biology,13(4): e1002104 (2015).

Optimality properties of multi-antibiotic treatments in a 2-locus, 2-allele model
Peña-Miller R, Fuentes-Hernandez A, Reding C, Gudelj I, and Beardmore R
Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 11: 20131035 (2014).

When the most potent combination of antibiotics selects for the greatest bacterial load: the smile-frown transition 
Peña-Miller R, Lahnemann D, Jansen G, Fuentes-Hernandez A, Rosenthiel P, Schulemburg H and Beardmore R
PLoS Biology, 11(4): e1001540 (2013).

A Mixture of “Cheats” and “Co-Operators” Can Enable Maximal Group Benefit.
MacLean RC*, Fuentes-Hernandez A*, Greig D, Hurst LD and Gudelj I
PLoS Biology, 8(9) e1000486 (2010). [* first authors]

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